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Android Smart Tv Box

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Android TV Box

An android tv box is a small box that is also called a small media center. It connects to a TV to play movies, TV Shows and you can also play games through this. The Shalmi store has a variety of T9 Box, X96 Mini Box, and these small boxes are very popular among the people nowadays which allows them to have a big variety of range of it. These , T9 Box, X96 Mini Box also helps people to do web surfing on their TVs. It becomes easy for them to work from one place even during watching TV and playing the game. The latest technology has made people smart tv boxs price low and easy to work from anywhere. 

How does it work?

The people set up these T9 Box, X96 Mini Box with a TV, mxq tv box and then connected to the internet connection. After a box is properly set up with a TV, and then the internet.  Now install apps that you want to play. For example, if you want to play games, install a games app. If you want to play videos on Youtube, download Youtube. If you want to surf the internet then install browsers. Android an operating system like Windows or IOS, which was created by Google to work on mobile phones. It also runs on ARM-based processors, which makes it portable to any device that runs on the same hardware.

Since this Android system has become a free and open source for all, it has become cheap to manufacture hardware based on it. As it is used on smart mobile phones as well as used on any kind of hardware device.

Firstly plug the box HDMI video cable into your TV and power on the box \and TV. Now connect them with the internet. Once it is connected now install the apps which you want to play. The most important thing is this to play this, you need a Gmail account then you will be able to install apps. 

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