Cameras/Security Gadgets
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Cameras/Security Gadgets

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To secure your offices, houses and your premises has become one of the most important parts of life. People want to secure their premises without knowing others. So here comes another gadget which is called a security camera or security gadgets.

How it’s work:

The working of a security camera/gadget is very easy. It is not difficult to install. You just need a system either computer or laptop to install its app and then install a camera/gadget where you want and connect it to your system and even with your mobile phones. Nowadays technology replaces so many things. There is no need to especially sit to your system to check the security even on your mobile phones you can check it. Wherever you go, you can have an eye on your premises.

Types of cameras/security gadgets:

There are many types of cameras, security gadgets available at Shalmi Store. We offer you a huge variety of it with affordable rates. You can also get these after placing your order online. The range of cameras and security gadgets we have:

i.    Sports cameras
ii.   Car DVR
iii.  Security IP Camera
iv.  Drones
v.   Other Cameras

i. Sports Camera:

It is designed to capture every, and close moments of ongoing actions. It captures every little action of the game. These are typically compact, rugged, and waterproof cameras.

ii. Car DVR

The Car DVR is a portable digital video recorder. It has a wide-angle lens that captures high definition video. Then display it on a high resolution screen. The function of it is that it records video automatically and save the files in the memory card.
It is easily available at The Shalmi Store and we have a wide range of it. You can place your order online to get it at affordable prices

iii. Security IP Cameras:

The abbreviation of IP is Internet Protocol. It refers to the digital video camera. That can easily receive and send data through computers and laptops. The Shalmi Store has a huge range and the best products. You can get it after placing your order online.