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The shalmi store has a huge variety of cables included:

• USB Cables
• VGA Cables
• LAN Cables
• HDMI Cables
• Printer Cables

USB Cables:

A USB cable is used to connect with computers and mobile phones as outer cable. It connects cell phones, printers, speakers, cameras, and other devices. These days this product is very much in demand in the market. That is why retailers and sellers buy and sell it at different prices. There are many kinds of USB cables are available in the market, some are good in quality, some are OK in quality and some are the best in the quality.

The Shalmi Store offers you a huge variety of cables and we have affordable rates but the best quality of the USB cables. You can rely on us while buying USB cables from us. People prefer o buy the best quality USB Cables to connect their cameras, speakers, and mobile phones with their systems. We also have fast cables to transfer your data. We assure you about the quality of our products.

VGA Cables
VGA stands for Video Graphics Array. It is also called a connector. It is a three-row 15-pin DE-15 connector. VGA Cable is provided on many video cards, computer monitors, laptops, projectors, and high definition TVs. It is a source to transmit video signals from a laptop, computer to TVs and projectors. These are also called monitor cables.
The Shalmi Store provides you a good variety of VGA Cables. These will make your work easy and you can rely on us while buying it from us.

HDMI Cables:

 HDMI is used for audio/video interface to transmit uncompressed video data. It is also used for compressed or uncompressed digital audio data from an HDMI-compliant source device, such as a display controller, to a compatible computer monitor, video projector, digital television, or digital audio device.
Whenever you want to watch HD movies on your laptops, projectors then you need these cables.  Or you want to play games then it eases you to connect your systems with laptops/computers or video games box. 

The Shalmi Store offers you a wide range of HDMI Cables. We have the best quality of cables. Once you buy it from us then you will order again and again whenever you need it or anything else. Our product included HDMI Plated Cable, HDMI Round Cable, HDMI Flat Cable ULT, Sony HDMI Cable to Female Extension, HDMI Range Extender Single Lan 60m (the HDMI Extender can transmit HDMI data over the local network).