REMAX RP3 Multimedia Digital Voice Recorder 8GB
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REMAX RP3 Multimedia Digital Voice Recorder 8GB
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REMAX RP3 Multimedia Digital Voice Recorder 8GB

  • Product Price: Rs.9000 Rs. 8500   /   Product Code: RP3


Brand: REMAX
Product Name: Multimedia Digital Voice Recorder
Product Model: RP3
Rated Voltage: 3.7V
Rated Power: 20mA
Product Material: Zinc Alloy
Product Process: Baking Varnish
Charging Time: 2.5H
Using Time: Up to 30H
Charging Port: Micro USB
If you often hold meetings / meetings, discuss important matters, trials or reconnaissance, REMAX RP3 is the best choice with many of the latest features from the previous series, can record sound clearly and clearly with technology specifically for digital sound capture and also Digital Noise Reduction feature that will provide maximum results for you.
The shape of this Voice Recorder is small and thin, very light and easy for you to carry wherever you need it.
Specially designed with every detail, making all components of this voice recorder made to be durable in use and remain stable. Armed with a large capacity battery that can be recharged quickly in just 2.5 hours.
Loud, loud and clear sound, this smart voice recorder is equipped with Portable Lossless Voice Recorder technology and also Digital Noise Reduction which can reduce surrounding noise so you can record important things that you want to research or observe.
Amazing storage capacity, can store up to 8GB capacity (Built-in Memory) which allows you to record up to approximately 30 hours. You don't need to worry about memory filling up fast because of efficient use but High Definition (HD).
Not only as a voice recorder, but also can be used as a music player (MP3 Player).

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